Weekend Reads // ed. 7

table of cakes

Happy weekend! I’m thrilled to have a whole Saturday to myself…time to hole up in the coffee shop where there are constant hot cyclist sightings, meet my blogging friend Eileen  in person for the first time with our awesome mutual friend Beth, and do some fun datey things.

In the meantime, i’s been awhile since I shared my favorite reads. I’ve been working late a couple nights a week and recently took a whirlwind trip to Ohio (where I ate all of these cakes, and they were amazing). I’ve spent the past few days catching up and have found some quirky, interesting, and insightful nuggets of internet gold to share.

And of course, I have a recipe for you too. TRIPLE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES from PaleOMG! I’ve had a chocolate craving practically nonstop for three weeks (and yeah, I’ve indulged it…did you see those cakes up top?) so these yummy little bites seem like they’d hit the spot.

And on the note of delicious chocolate…hope your weekend is full of fun and friends!


About Humble Foodie

While we both love to eat well, life as AmeriCorps volunteers doesn’t afford us the budget to try every new restaurant and type of cuisine. With many post-graduate expenses and limited financial resources, what’s a foodie to do? The answer is here, at The Humble Foodie. Instead of spending our hard-earned cash paying other people to cook for us, we’re spending as frugally as possible making delicious meals at home.
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4 Responses to Weekend Reads // ed. 7

  1. SO lovely meeting you yesterday! I came home buzzed and raving about our date. Looking forward to checking these out. Loving the “dating the good guys” essay from the sometimes very thoughtful TC. I’m totally dating my very first Good Guy and is has been a complete 180 from every other person that I’ve ever been with. He isn’t a jock with state titles and he does look like your typical teen heart throb, instead he’s smart, kind, gentle, respectful, and dedicated. All of that plus worth a second glance, in my book 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Alicia says:

      It was so great to meet you too! I got razzed about my “internet date” but it was such a blast, and the boy is now jealous of our burger plans.

      And yep, agreed on the good guys. I’ve met some jerks and they inevitably leave me annoyed and/or heartbroken- I now have a zero tolerance policy for those shenanigans. Very happy to be with someone who is kind, tells me that they care, and supports me even when I’m going on internet friend dates. 😉

  2. First of all — really jealous of your internet date with Eileen! 🙂 Honestly, it is so very great that you two got to meet!

    Great links this week! Really loved the Scales, Progress…etc. article and the ‘On Dating Good Guys’ was terrific. I feel very fortunate that I not only dated one of the ‘good guys’ but ended up marrying him as well! Especially since I did not have the greatest track record on the good guy front before him! 🙂

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