DIY: Build Your Own Spice Rack

Shabby kitchen? Chic it up with a simple craft project that will fit no matter what your style. Whether you’ve resolved to cook more in the new year or you just want to organize your kitchen, making your own spice rack is a fun, frugal project that will help you do both. You don’t need any special tools–just a hammer and nails, and use of a saw (handily provided for you if you buy materials at Home Depot)–and the entire project takes about an hour from cutting the materials to hanging in your kitchen.

diy spice rack

Feel free to laugh at the horribly labeled shaker of homemade taco seasoning. It doesn’t look like much, but it tastes fantastic!

Inspired by a minimalist vinyl spice rack, I chose natural wood to echo the warm tones of my kitchen. I’m excited to paint it when I move into a new place this summer–I’m pretty sure turquoise or metallic pink would go well with spicy seasonings! I bought and cut all of the wood at Home Depot, and the nails are common 1 inch photo hanging nails. The hammer came from the tool kit my dad made me when I went off to college–every lady should absolutely have her own tools.

diy spice rack 2

Read on for a step-by-step tutorial for building your own spice rack.

Project inspiration: Susy’s White and Minimal Spice Rack, featured on The Kitchn

Adaptations: I swapped wood for vinyl, stuck with my original spice jars, and adjusted shelf height for one tall shelf at the base, two equal shelves in the middle, and one small shelf at the top of petite spice jars.

let's get started DIY

Step 1: Choose, measure, and cut wood.

Choose the material you want to use for your spice rack. I used wooden molding that is ½ x ¾ inches and came in pieces about 10 feet long. For this size, I needed three pieces that were 22 inches long and ten pieces that were 24 inches long–each shelf is made of two pieces of wood stacked together. Remember the old carpenter’s adage: measure twice, cut once.

Step 2: Lay out the pieces and measure shelf height.

DIY spice rack measurements

As you can see from the diagram, I choose to make the two middle shelves the same height. The bottom shelf is designed for larger jars and the top shelf is meant for the miniature jars often used for dried herbs. You can use the measurements on the chart for the space in-between shelves or you can create your own– you know best what you intend to store here!

Lay out the three vertical pieces, then mark with pencil where you want each shelf to go.

Step 3: Put it together!

As I said before, I stacked two pieces of wood together to form each shelf. To begin, place the top piece of wood across the three vertical pieces. The ¾ inch side should be against the vertical pieces. Nail it into place, using one nail to attach to each of the vertical pieces. Next, do the same for the first piece of wood for the bottom shelf, then follow suit with one piece of wood for each shelf. Once you have the first piece of the five shelves in place, add another piece of wood to each shelf and nail it into place. Make sure you are not placing the second nail directly on top of the head of the first nail.

Step 4: Prime & paint if desired. I’ll update this tutorial when I finally decide on a color for my spice rack!

Step 5: Hang, then arrange your spices with Pinterest-level precision.

I used six 1.5 inch nails, evenly spaced around the rack and hammered through the vertical pieces of wood, to mount the spice rack on my kitchen wall. Make sure the nails you use are long enough to securely fasten the rack to the wall so your spices don’t come tumbling down! Arrange your spices (mine are herbs, baking spices, curry and chili spices, and miscellaneous…it’s okay to laugh) and enjoy your newly organized kitchen.

you did it DIY

You did it, and you totally rule!

Thanks for walking through this DIY spice rack project with me! If you follow this tutorial and make your own spice rack, I would love to see pictures and hear how the instructions worked for you in the comments.

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7 Responses to DIY: Build Your Own Spice Rack

  1. Great tutorial!! And do we all get champagne when we finish one?? 😉

  2. liesehaley says:

    you should consider adding some elastic cord or rubberband to hold the spices in. I would place them just shy of lower middle.

    • Alicia says:

      That’s a great idea! The spices stay on the shelves just fine by themselves, and I placed the rack in a less trafficked area of my kitchen- but I think elastic cord and/or an additional piece on each shelf (making them 3 pieces wide) would be great for people with kids or busier kitchens.

  3. JIM MACKEN says:

    simple is best, great job. I was trying to make it to hard, Thanks

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