How to Brighten Your Day in 5 Minutes

how to brighten your day in 5 minutesWant to know a secret? I know those are magic words for me, so I hope they have you listening too. It isn’t hard to turn an average bad day into a pretty okay one…or even a great one. A good day can become even brighter too! All it takes is five minutes and an open mind.

The trick is to pause, take five minutes to yourself, and make a gratitude list. Write down five things you are grateful for–they can be physical objects, or experiences, or people, or skills, or whatever makes you smile.

Before you do this, get away from the noise and distraction of home/work/family/friends/the computer. You may have a cute little notebook for just this purpose, or you can use a piece of scrap paper that can be folded into your wallet or dropped in your pocket as a reminder. Write down your five things and as much explanation as you’d like, then take a deep breath, smile, and go about your day.

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Today I am grateful for:

  • Being able to come back to my childhood home and spend a week with my family
  • Learning about my great, great grandparents and their journey from Denmark and England to America from my grandmother
  • The many creative minds producing cookbooks full of delicious recipes–my family has been enjoying recipes from Paleo Indulgences (Tammy Credicott), Well Fed (Melissa Joulwan), and Paleo Comfort Foods (Julie and Charles Mayfield) since I received them for Christmas!
  • My family’s two big dogs; nothing makes me happier than going for walks and goofing off with those two.
  • The fact that it snowed even the teeniest, tiniest bit on Christmas Eve this year

What’s on your list?

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While we both love to eat well, life as AmeriCorps volunteers doesn’t afford us the budget to try every new restaurant and type of cuisine. With many post-graduate expenses and limited financial resources, what’s a foodie to do? The answer is here, at The Humble Foodie. Instead of spending our hard-earned cash paying other people to cook for us, we’re spending as frugally as possible making delicious meals at home.
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  1. Alicia, love how positive you are! Something I started January 1st (which means it’s been three whole days, GO ME!) is carrying a notebook with me everywhere. Mostly I’ve been using it as a worry dump (if I put them down on paper, they won’t stay in my head…maybe?), but I bet writing a few gratitude lists would be most helpful.

    • 3/3 is a great rate of success! 🙂 Using your notebook for both worry dumping and gratitude lists might help strike a nice balance- maybe for every negative or worried thing you write, you could write one current thing you appreciate too. The more you do it, the more the habit becomes a mindset. I like your positivity project!

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